[Tfug] ThinkPad T61 Debian KDE Wireless

Charles R. Kiss charles at kissbrothers.com
Mon Mar 29 19:20:54 MST 2010

Well, I really like the kubuntu on the ThinkPad !  Very "pretty" (it's for my gf), and wireless works awesomely!  Thanks.

The Debian was a disaster for me.  But MAYBE I was using the the printer hostname as the computer hostname, and that was screwing things up... but if I did do that, it only occured once or twice, but could have been at really important times.

During the installation of Lenny 5.04.amd64, (this is after trying 5.0.amd64, and then running a dist-upgrade after install) I discovered that no matter which Intel firmware (between iwlwifi 4965-1 and -2) I loaded from the USB stick (which the install process explicitly askes for by name) I could not get the network configured either by using the auto-configuration process, entering blank fields,disabling security settings, triple checking MAC addresses, client lists, etc.  The install kept complaining about the router not broadcasting dhcp, which it was through the wire and enabled several complete installations which then failed through KNetworkManager, wicd, gnome-network-manager to enable wireless, checking hardware switching shut-offs, during boots, etc. with the usual balnk fields, the word "any", etc.

All these issues were encountered using the amd64 versions of Lenny 5.0-5.04, which were immeadiately resolved by switching to the i386 version of Lenny5.04.  Without any need for the "computer hostname".

I'm not surprised, really; I'm fine with it: I just wanted to try the amd64 versions of Debian.  :(

It's quite possible when asked for a hostname, that a proper hostname would have worked during the installation process, but I'll probably never know.

And besides, I really like kubuntu (for now).

Thanks for all your help.

BTW, I did the whole network install over the wireless, without any need for a wire, using only the install CD: ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso



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