[Tfug] ThinkPad T61 Debian KDE Wireless

Claude Rubinson rubinson at u.arizona.edu
Mon Mar 29 18:17:21 MST 2010

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 06:50:10PM -0600, JD Rogers wrote:
> I should look at that. If I remember rightly, knm just stopped
> associating with my wireless AP at home. It would switch to wired at
> the lab ok, but suspending and resuming to my home would just fail. No
> error or any timeout of any kind. It would see the AP, but when I
> selected it, it would immediately show 'disconnected' with no
> explanation.

Network-manager (and networking in general) is kinda a mess, so it's
hard to know if its the same bug or not.  For me (and what a bunch of
Debian users ran into), it was that they changed how network-manager
recognizes managed versus non-managed interfaces such that all of a
sudden it didn't want to manage previously managed ones.

> As for a CLI tool, its odd. I though nm-tool did most of that
> already. Anyway, I just have network aliases defined in my
> /etc/network/interfaces file and it's pretty easy to type "ifup
> wlan0=home" when i get home.

nm-tool only reports the daemon's status; cnetworkmanager let's you
control it, making scripting possible.


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