[Tfug] Low Cost Linux Friendly dialup?

Earl J Violet earljviolet at juno.com
Tue Apr 18 17:48:38 MST 2006

I subscribe to Juno for about $10/month. I tried Linspire Live CD 4.5.366
with support for Juno and it worked fine. I used Juno in several cities
across the country and it worked well. Worked OK here in Tucson. Juno has
a Linux Juno.deb file on their web site you can download and try.


On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:22:58 -0700 "johngalt1" <johngalt1 at uswest.net>
> My parents use one of those $10/month ISPs on a Win98 PC. Since Win98 
> is
> being/has been EOLed, this would be a great time to get them off of 
> Windows.
> The problem with cheap ISPs is they mostly seem to use proprietary 
> Windows
> dialer software.
> Can anybody clue me in on comparable service that is Linux 
> friendly?
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