[Tfug] Laptop choices

James Hood ebenblues at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 18 15:13:21 MST 2006

> dv1245cl) has 1280x768 resolution.  Let me just say, go for the hi-res
> whenever you can!!!  1280x768 is definitely adequate and the screen I
> have now (14.1" wide screen vs. a 15" 4:3 on the IBM) is really vivid,
> but the higher resolution made a HUGE difference in both clarity and
> screen real estate.

I agree. The low resolution is my biggest grievance with my T41. Although, it should be mentioned that when docked, I can get a much higher resolution display on my monitor, so it must be a limitation of the thinkpad screen itself. Anyway, to make a long story short, if you're going to use the laptop screen often, go with a T41p (or a T42) over a T41 to get the higher resolution. I believe the T41p's also have a bigger battery that has a longer life.

> One possible downside to built-in wifi is that sometimes the reception
> may not be as good as a card.  I've heard of it going either way
> though.  Again, I could be all wrong about this.

I know some thinkpad models build the antenna into the display cover which addresses the reception problem you're talking about. Not sure which models tho.

> Finally, another feature to look for on the ThinkPads (again, I miss
> this on my HP) is the little keyboard light built into the screen
> bezel.  It's hard to imagine how a tiny little light like that can be
> SOOOO useful!  I'm a fairly good typist, but in the dark I still find

That is so true! I laughed at that little light up until the first time I had to use it. :-)


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