[Tfug] SUSE Grub problem

Christopher Robbins robbinsc at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 08:40:58 MST 2006

Earl -

Have you tried rebuilding grub?  It looks liike something got fubar-ed in
the install.  Place CD1 in the drive and when you run through the grahpical
installer, you should see a debug/fix/repair option.  Do that and either

A.) Run automatic repair, which scans EVERYTHING, or

B.) Do an expert repair and select "grub/bootloader repair"

Hope this helps


On 4/18/06, Earl J Violet <earljviolet at juno.com> wrote:
> Last evening/night I attempted to install FreeSUSE 10.0.
> Here are the machine specs:
> dual PII 300
> Video = S3 Trio 32/64
> Monitor = IBM P200
> Sound = Creative Audio PCI (ES1371, ES1373) (WDM)
> Ethernet = D-Link DFE-530TX-PCI
> CD ROM = BTC BCE 1610M
> hard drive = ST320413A
> The hard drive is labeled 20 GB so is probably about 18 Real GB. The BIOS
> (AMI) only recognizes 8000 MB or so of it. I have Win2K installed on this
> partition. I installed SUSE on the remaining in 3 partitions / = 2GB,
> swap = 1 GB, /usr = 7GB.
> I ran the install and it went fine. It recognized all of the hardware and
> configured the sound card ... so it said.
> But it didn't find the DSL ... UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, and WIN2K found it OK and
> hooked up. I tried configuring DSL but blew it. No problem there though.
> It also claimed to configure the boot loader.
> I rebooted and came up with a text Grub prompt. I typed in boot and it
> booted to SUSE. OK. I rebooted and couldn't get to Win2K. Rebuilt the MBR
> to get to Win2K.
> I followed, or tired to follow the SUSE manual. I previously installed
> SUSE on hdb with KUBUNTU on hda on a different machine and got a real
> nice selection menu for SUSE or UBUNTU. hdb was dying which gave me
> problems with SUSE and DSL didn't want to configure then either.
> Earl
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