[Tfug] Cox cable networking problem

Robert Hunter bobjim.hunter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:24:03 MST 2006

Louis, see Shawn's earlier post.  You need a router to use in
conjunction with the modem.  The Linksys is a safe and easy choice. 
Although the Soekris that Shawn mentioned has the geek in me
salivating. ;-)

On 4/11/06, Louis Taber <ltaber at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess it is coming down to a network question.  The Motorola SurfBoard, as
> I now understand it is, well, not very clever.  Perhaps the 64 computer
> limit is just an internal NIC list limit used for filtering packets coming
> in from the outside interface to be passed through the cable modem.  (I had
> initially made the assumption that it was a limit on its NAT or DHCP
> ability.)
> Anyway my home network has:  Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.  A VoIP box
> and an HP print server.  (With occasional thoughts about Maxim TINIs,
> Lantronix X-ports, and Sun Ultras.)  I don't expect any trouble with getting
> DHCP addresses from COX for the computers and the VoIP box, but what is the
> best way to handle the print server?
> My inclination is to set up a non-routed network on the same physical LAN.
> Setting up my Linux system will be little problem.  How do-able is it under
> MS Window and Mac?  Is this a reasonable approach?  Any other suggestions?
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