[Tfug] Cox cable networking problem

Louis Taber ltaber at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:06:30 MST 2006


I guess it is coming down to a network question.  The Motorola SurfBoard, as
I now understand it is, well, not very clever.  Perhaps the 64 computer
limit is just an internal NIC list limit used for filtering packets coming
in from the outside interface to be passed through the cable modem.  (I had
initially made the assumption that it was a limit on its NAT or DHCP

Anyway my home network has:  Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.  A VoIP box
and an HP print server.  (With occasional thoughts about Maxim TINIs,
Lantronix X-ports, and Sun Ultras.)  I don't expect any trouble with getting
DHCP addresses from COX for the computers and the VoIP box, but what is the
best way to handle the print server?

My inclination is to set up a non-routed network on the same physical LAN.
Setting up my Linux system will be little problem.  How do-able is it under
MS Window and Mac?  Is this a reasonable approach?  Any other suggestions?

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