[Tfug] End of Tucson Linux Meetup?

John Stone jstone.tech at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 12:10:47 MST 2017

I have two places on the Far East side you could use for a group meetup
that might work.

Other than internet, what would be needed?

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 4:06 AM Doug Wellington <doug at dougwellington.com>

> > Ah, that really sucks about the Tucson Linux Meetup no longer being a
> thing, I really enjoyed the couple meetings I went to. The lecture you gave
> about Ansible in that last one turned out to be particularly handy during
> my recent job application, they wanted me to use Ansible to set up a basic
> webserver on a VM and I'd never used it before, but thanks to you I'd at
> least heard of it and had an idea of where to start Googling.
> Cool, glad that was timely for you.  Sorry I never got around to
> presenting my Ansible cookbook; I'm hoping to do that at some point at
> some kind of Linux/TFUG meeting...
> > However, I am not enthusiastic about virtual, online-only webinars. I
> want to talk to people in person, that's the entire point of me going to a
> meeting rather than just staying at home and Googling til I solve whatever
> the issue is.
> This.
> Doug
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