[Tfug] End of Tucson Linux Meetup?

Doug Wellington doug at dougwellington.com
Thu Oct 12 04:05:51 MST 2017

> Ah, that really sucks about the Tucson Linux Meetup no longer being a thing, I really enjoyed the couple meetings I went to. The lecture you gave about Ansible in that last one turned out to be particularly handy during my recent job application, they wanted me to use Ansible to set up a basic webserver on a VM and I'd never used it before, but thanks to you I'd at least heard of it and had an idea of where to start Googling.

Cool, glad that was timely for you.  Sorry I never got around to
presenting my Ansible cookbook; I'm hoping to do that at some point at
some kind of Linux/TFUG meeting...

> However, I am not enthusiastic about virtual, online-only webinars. I want to talk to people in person, that's the entire point of me going to a meeting rather than just staying at home and Googling til I solve whatever the issue is.



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