[Tfug] End of Tucson Linux Meetup?

marcia wilbur marcia.k.wilbur at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 20:09:20 MST 2017

So, here is why I was hoping to "convert" my group to Nextcloud.
Nextcloud is a private platform with community stuff and you don't need to
pay extortion rates to Meetup... right.
I have done the meet up thing.

I have hundreds of users..
Maybe 5 will show up to an event if I'm lucky.

This platform sucks.

Maybe, we could think about a LUG network.
What do you think...
I mean, I see boston meetings that look awesome. but I can't get on a
flight back east for a 2 hour meeting...

I think with today's tech we should be able to have webinar type meetings
and then maybe once a month... hang out and eat/drink.

What do you say?
Do you have an IRC channel or Slack channel?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 5:39 PM, Doug Wellington <doug at dougwellington.com>

> Hey folks,
> I couldn't find a good location for the Linux Meetup, and the Meetup
> people just asked for another $90 for me to continue to be the host, so I
> decided to give up on the Meetup thing and save my ninety bucks.
> Anybody want to try getting together under the TFUG banner?
> Doug
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