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So, in light of this information, I was thinking about doing a private
streaming video Meeting in October for Copper Linux User Group.

The first meeting could be about Nextcloud and setting up private streaming

This would happen October 10 at 7pm.

Seems relevant, right?
We could have an additional session or replace the session to one on a
Saturday also, if that is more convenient than Tues or Thurs Eves.

The second privacy session would be on Thursday October 12 where we would
have presentations and hands on use of copycat, wire and other.

Recently, I was contacted by Yale Privacy Lab to use my port of Linux
Respin for Trisquel.
We could discuss what University Privacy labs are doing and using - and use
some of these products.


As you know, several years ago, this group - Copper LUG - "forked" from the
PLUG group because the leader (Hans) refused to discuss HTTPS Everywhere.
During the meeting we asked him to. There were lots of witnesses and
discussion of forking after. *Refusing *to discuss HTTPS Everywhere... So,
in the summer of 2014, we had our first meeting - and the first discussion
was - how to use HTTPS Everywhere!
Since then, we have morphed more into an embedded IOT type hands on meeting
- with Raspberry Pi FUN!

Our group is deeply* passionate* about *privacy, security and freedom of
Myself, as the interim president, have worked with and volunteered for:

*EFF*: various 2001-2003 - Wrote DMCA blog under the direction of Cory
*IP Justice *- 2003
*Free Culture Trust* - Creative commons, Software Freedom Conservatory,
Question Copyright, Internet Archive and WikiMedia
*FSF*: 2002 - 2003 Committee Member Digital Speech Project - Now knows as
Defective by Design

If you're interested... let's talk privacy!


On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:02 AM, erich <erich1 at copper.net> wrote:

> Yeah,
>       I used my bicycle to get to it.
> You don't have to pay to park a bicycle on UA
> Campus (At  least no yet)
> Erich
> Sean Whitton wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 12 2017, Doug Wellington wrote:
>>> Anybody have a lead on a decent place to meet and have informal
>>> presentations? Cartel was too noisy. Summit Hut has a nice room, but
>>> no projector, and they close at 8PM. Libraries only provide rooms for
>>> non-profit entities. Fronimos is alright, but it's hard to eat and
>>> present at the same time. I've been trying to work something out with
>>> CoLab, but that's a slow process.
>> Previously, we met at Café Lucè.
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