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jeff at breadner.ca jeff at breadner.ca
Sun May 10 06:19:42 MST 2015

>     Have  people seen this on other distros like Debian
or Ubuntu . etc.?

With Fedora, I often noticed you would have to enable 3rd party repositories (dag, wiers, etc.) to get non-free content, but this was years ago.  We use Red Hat at work, so I enjoyed Fedora's close relationship with RHEL.

However, at the time anyway, these 3rd party repositories didn't play nicely with each other, and it was just a matter of time  effort the install would collapse under the weight of the dependency hell that was created.

I've since switched to apt-based distros (kubuntu, Mint, Debian) and have found virtually none of these kind of dependency problems with apt.  To access code to play MP3s for instance, one enables an unrestricted repository and installs the desired packages,  it's a slight hassle but much easier (and more stable) than Fedora.  Possibly the worst situation I've seen in apt is having to run a script included in a package to download and enable the DVD decss tools.

TL;DR I've not seen these issues outside of Fedora.

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