[Tfug] Quasi-OT: HP-49G super calculator available to good home

John Gruenenfelder jetpackjohn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 17:57:16 MST 2014

Greetings TFUG,

I have an HP-49G graphing calculator that needs a new home. The calculator
is in great shape and I am asking $40. This includes the calculator and the
bulky, and very useful, user's guide.

I am offering it here because a good calculator is a very handy tool for
programmers and developers as well as, of course, engineers.

As most of you probably know, HP arguably makes the best calculators
available. The 49G supports both in-fix entry (algebraic, like TI devices)
as well as the traditional (and better) RPN post-fix input. The 49G also
has an excellent calculus system, equation editor/solver, matrix editor,
and many other nice features.

I am selling it not because of any faults, but because I purchased a new
50G calculator once the price finally dropped.

There is one *minor* issue. While I do have the user's guide and will
include it, the book is unfortunately packed away in a box from my last
move. So, the lucky new owner will receive the guide the next time I move.
In the interim, all of the documents are available online as PDFs From HP's

If you are interested, please email me off-list.

--John Gruenenfelder    Systems Manager, MKS Imaging Technology, LLC.
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