[Tfug] Wayyyy OT: Oriental markets, et al.

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 18 17:29:48 MST 2013

Hi Ammon,

On 9/18/2013 2:45 PM, Ammon Lauritzen wrote:
> Ditto on the Sandyi's recommendation. It's not very big so doesn't have
> very much fresh produce, but it has good variety otherwise - primarily

Not really interested in produce.  More concerned with canned
goods (bamboo shoot strips), sauces/seasonings, bulk tea, etc.

> Korean brands with a good assortment of Japanese products. I lived on Pima

What's the deal with "Korean"?  E.g., I think Kimpo is Korean (?).  In
other places I've lived, there was a definite *chinese* population.
Is that not as prevalent in Tucson?  (doesn't particularly affect
this issue -- just asking out of curiosity)

> for 4 years and they were consistently excellent.

Great!  Looks like I will have to drag my *ss out of my cave and
venture over there, the tea place and Zack's market recommendation.

"Shopping" -- such fun!  (not)

Thanks, all!

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