[Tfug] Wayyyy OT: Oriental markets, et al.

Leo Przybylski r351574nc3 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 17:33:27 MST 2013

Sandyi oriental market
4270 e. Pima st.

It's actually preferred over all others amongst Asian tucsonans.

On Sep 17, 2013 4:21 PM, "Bexley Hall" <bexley401 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking for "oriental" markets here in town.  With
> the closing of 17th Street Market (a pox on them!!  :> ),
> I find myself struggling to find many staples -- esp at
> "reasonable" prices.  Most notably, Bamboo Shoot *Strips*
> (not "slices"), Dynasty brand (!) Hoisin sauce and a
> good tea assortment.
> Kimpo Market has a pretty limited selection.  About all
> I buy there is sesame oil (very good!), in bulk.
> G&L had, in the past, carried the bamboo shoots.  But,
> they're reordering strategy defies understanding!  Shelves
> will be bare for ages.  Then, they'll opt to order something
> completely different instead of the items that had traditionally
> filled those spots on the shelf!
> Their tea selection is only slightly better than average.
> I was able to purchase 5lbs of Oolong tea (bulk) recently
> so that will hold me over for three months.  Though Oolong
> is far from my favorite (Jasmine is much worse).
> Our best supply of Hoisin sauce (a bottle yields two meals)
> has been *Target*, surprisingly!  I suspect this will probably
> soon be a "discontinued" offering, there (so we've been filling
> the cupboard with the stuff!)
> I *really* try hard NOT to buy mail order -- prefering to keep
> my money in the local economy.  But, the choices available in
> Tucson really seem pretty limited (witness my recent comments
> re: "electronic parts suppliers").
> Any pointers to stores worth visiting?  E.g., think about the tea
> selection that 17th Street Market *used* to have (admirable!).
> Something similar (esp at similar prices!) would be ideal.
> [I doubt many folks would be aware of the "Bamboo Shoot" selection :> ]
> Thx,
> --don
> P.S.  Paul, drop me a line if you read this...  Didn't get a chance
> to chat with you earlier today!
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