[Tfug] Wayyyy OT: Oriental markets, et al.

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 17:17:47 MST 2013

Hi Rich,

On 9/17/2013 4:50 PM, Rich Smit wrote:
> Sandyi's on Pima and Columbus. Not sure if they'll have what you're looking
> for, but it's not a chain if that matters to you.

Are they still in business?  I knew there was a small market
in that general area -- though I've never been sure as to which
street (5th, pima, spdwy, etc.).  Everytime we are in that area,
we make a deliberate effort to look for such a store and always
come up empty...  (southwest corner, a sort of 7/11 storefront?)

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