[Tfug] Fwd: FWIW

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 10:20:58 MST 2013

[Apologies if double post -- mail client coughed as I hit "send"]


As I'm poking around looking for privacy related stuff, stumbled


Amusing though all it does is play the numbers game -- it can't
be *sure* of it's results (but, playing the numbers game tends
to work -- when you're dealing with BIG numbers!  :> )

Hint:  look at the "pop." (population) figure in the result
to see why the other results are so much LOWER (more unique)
than you might otherwise assume.  Extra credit:  think of how
many *other* "ambiguous identifiers" could be substituted
into this equation and yield similarly "unique" data!

Makes you pity youngsters who will have *no* concept of
privacy in their lifetime!  :-(


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