[Tfug] Etch log files

TR trexx at pobox.com
Tue Jun 24 14:50:36 MST 2008

To view the boot messages use
$> dmesg

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 11:50 PM, eric christian <ericdanc at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
> I installed a scanner creating a dev file, changing fstab, mounting
> stuff, runnig the frontend xsane etc. All's well except the boot
> messages include a message (in red!) about some mount matter. I can't
> find this in any log file. Such a red colored message must be logged
> somewhere. Is there some overview on logging? What/where do things get
> logged?
> Are there log files other than those in /var/log?
> eric at debian:~$ li /var/log
> ./               debug.1.gz      kern.log.2.gz       syslog
> ../              dmesg           lastlog             syslog.0
> acpid            dmesg.0         lpr.log             syslog.1.gz
> acpid.1.gz       dmesg.1.gz      mail.err            syslog.2.gz
> aptitude         dmesg.2.gz      mail.info           syslog.3.gz
> auth.log         dmesg.3.gz      mail.log            syslog.4.gz
> auth.log.0       dmesg.4.gz      mail.warn           syslog.5.gz
> auth.log.1.gz    dpkg.log        messages            syslog.6.gz
> bittorrent/      exim4/          messages.0          user.log
> boot             faillog         messages.1.gz       user.log.0
> btmp             fontconfig.log  messages.2.gz       user.log.1.gz
> cups/            fsck/           messages.3.gz       uucp.log
> daemon.log       gdm/            news/               wtmp
> daemon.log.0     installer/      ntpstats/           Xorg.0.log
> daemon.log.1.gz  kern.log        pycentral.log       Xorg.0.log.old
> debug            kern.log.0      scrollkeeper.log
> debug.0          kern.log.1.gz   scrollkeeper.log.1
> Eric
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