[Tfug] Fwd: Conditional execution of .emacs?

Claude Rubinson rubinson at u.arizona.edu
Mon Jun 23 18:51:22 MST 2008

On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 04:00:36PM -0700, Ryan Cresawn wrote:
> At work we have an Exchange 2003 server with IMAP enabled.  I use
> screen and inside it I have mutt and "emacs -nw" running all the time.
>  I also query the LDAP server for contact information with lbdb but
> that's beyond the scope of this e-mail.  I have in my .emacs file only
> one line:
> (server-start)

I just took a look at emacs' built-in server command and it appears
(at least by default) to act a bit differently than gnuserv (which is
older and originally from xemacs).  When running under X, the emacs
version opens the called file in a new buffer within the running
instance; gnuserv, on the other hand, opens the file in a new frame
spawned from the running instance.  Personally, I prefer the latter
behavior.  Perhaps there's a way to tell the emacs' version to do
that, but I haven't looked too carefully.  (I also haven't looked at
how/if the servers differ under console.)

One thing that I do like about the emacs' version is that you can name
your server instances.  That would solve my problem of colliding
server processes.


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