[Tfug] Using Subversion for my home dir

Matt Jacob m at mattjacob.com
Mon Jun 23 12:04:09 MST 2008

First, has anyone done this? And by "this", I mean kept your entire home dir in 
a Subversion repository distributed across many machines. My backup timeline is 
as follows:

     a) started using rsync and some hacked-together scripts
     b) progressed to unison
     c) curious about how well svn might work

I already use Subversion for versioning my development projects, so the learning 
curve is nonexistent. TortoiseSVN works under Vista, and Vista is the reason I'm 
looking for a different solution in the first place. (My new box at work is 
running Vista, and unison doesn't seem to like it at all---can't really blame 
it, though.)

Here's the kicker, though: the size of my home dir is 61702716 bytes (i.e., 
about 60 gigs). Approximately 37G is consumed by music, 19G by software and 
ISOs, and 2G by pictures. Is that going to be a problem? I've never tried 
creating such a large repository, but it doesn't seem like it should matter. The 
aforementioned three dirs change fairly infrequently, but I need them to be 
synced in the event that I rip a CD at work or slurp some pictures off a memory 
card using my laptop, etc.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Experience doing this?


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