[Tfug] Bizarre permissions problem

Jim March 1.jim.march at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 15:29:10 MST 2008

I'm upgrading laptops and moved /home/jim to the new machine.

I now have a situation where /home/jim/.gvfs is owned by "jim" but with
access rights only - and root user has no permissions.

So in trying to make sure I own all of /home/jim, a command like:

jim at critter:/home$ sudo chown -R jim /home/jim
chown: cannot access `/home/jim/.gvfs': Permission denied

If I look at permissions for that directory in Nautilus, I see that I have
read-only access.  If I do "sudo nautilus" to look at the situation as root,
I can't even see /home/jim/.gvfs

And that apparently is blocking me from resetting permissions on my home
directory on a global, recursive basis.

How do I gain back write-access to .gvfs?

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