[Tfug] USB bugaboo on Thinkpads

John Karns johnkarns at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:16:00 MST 2008

Just thought I'd throw out a warning here for the TP users here who
may not be aware of a common issue with the USB ports on various IBM /
Lenovo models.  I didn't find out until after experiencing the problem
first hand, and wish I'd known about it before.  I have a T42, but the
problem seems to affect many T series models, including some T6x.

The problem is that if you suspend the laptop while a USB device is
connected (i.e., without disconnecting it before suspending), there is
a high probability that the USB ports will burn out.  The fix is to
replace the mobo, or you can, of course, use a PCMCIA USB card.  I'm
disallusioned a bit with these machines for that - as expensive as
they are, and the reputation for quality that they have, I'd have
thought that this kind of design problem would not present itself.
Especially as a long running problem which spans several generations
of the machines.



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