[Tfug] Tfug Logo/T-shirts

Chris Hill ubergeek at ubergeek.tv
Mon Jun 9 11:31:19 MST 2008

> I echo what others have already said: I love it!
> The one thought that I have is I'm wondering what it would look like
> the figures' arms were all the same size/shape and on the same plane.
> Making the arms more symmetrical might be a bit more pleasing.  (Or,
> that may just be my OCD coming out.)
Hey all,

Thanks for the great replies. All your feedback is valid and welcome. So 
to answer some questions:

The back of the shirt - We can put whatever we like there, from a 
Control-Left-Bracket to 'We get it working so that you can uninstall 
it." But I don't know if I want to take more time to draw another 
illustration for the back.

Color schemes - Again many possibilities. I designed monochrome for cost 
purposes. If we silkscreen t-shirts, then it'll be much cheaper to stick 
with a one color design. Adding color and going the cafe-press route is 
also an option.

Printing process - As mentioned above Cafe Press allows for many 
options. Maybe we can use them for coffee mugs and beer glasses, and get 
better quality shirts through a local screenprinter? We can be more 
custom with the choice of shirt through a local screenprinter, but maybe 
we won't get a choice of ink.

Symmetry and other design ideas - I went for giving the characters a 
slightly different body size and shape to give them more personality. I 
will create a version with the same size/shape. I had the idea of an 
olive in the glass but decided against it for readability. I also wanted 
to keep fine details to a minimum for printing purposes. I like the 
sombrero idea or similar southwest theme. I'll see if I can work 
something out.

And lastly I'm glad to see the feedback's so positive. Its a great 
feeling! Thanks so much!

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