[Tfug] Tfug Logo/T-shirts

Glen Pfeiffer glen at thepfeiffers.net
Mon Jun 9 09:48:56 MST 2008

On Sun Jun 08, 2008 at 10:28:07PM -0700, Chris Hill wrote:
> Ok, I finally sat down Saturday afternoon and drew up some 
> ideas for the tfug t-shirts. I know there was talk about 
> certain ideas, but I wasn't really seeming to find the elusive 
> inspiration to make it happen. And so I wandered off course a 
> bit but finally settled on this:
> http://ubergeek.tv/tfug/tfug_logo.png

That's really nice Chris! As you said, it is different than the 
ideas we tossed around, but I think this one makes for a better 
logo, and presents a better image.

Ideas to consider:
- Add something southwest to it. Maybe a sombrero or a saguaro. 
- I like the olive in the martini idea.

> That is, if you like it! And if you do like it, we can choose 
> colors for t-shirts and have some made up.

I'd like to get coffee mugs, shirts, hats, and whatever else they  
have. CafePress has all those things, so that seems like a 
logical choice. I'll research a bit and get back to you all.


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