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> My knowledge is very out of date (circa 99) but my
> experience was just
> that the technology didn't scale very well and was hard to
> get running
> properly - so you had to send out a lot of trucks on site
> to get
> things working correctly.  The lagginess and general
> issues that
> people faced didn't show up in testing because it didn't
> tend to be
> very bad until you had users on the system.
> The older service where you had a modem or isdn (t1 etc)
> line for the
> upload was much more stable.
> The owners of People's Choice sure got a great deal
> though - I think
> Sprint paid about 10 dollars a share for a company that
> was selling at
> 15 cents a share a couple months earlier.

I seem to recall that when Sprint bought out People's Choice
TV, there was speculation that they were collecting spectrum
and FCC licenses for some future technology application
other than Sprint Broadband MMDS.
About MMDS:

> Tony
> On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 6:19 PM, Ryan Cresawn <jrcresawn>
> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 5:45 PM, John Gruenenfelder
>> <johng> wrote:
>>> I've tried Googling for news about this, but "Sprint
>>> wireless broadband" just
>>> gives hits on things like EVDO service.  I guess I don't
>>> know the specific
>>> name for the radio wireless service.
>> It might be Sprint Broadband Direct.
>> http://www.sprintbroadband.com/
>> Sprint is probably phasing out that service.  I have
>> tested it before
>> and found it to be very poor with high lag and slow
>> transfers.  My
>> tests revealed that the transfer rate was about 50% of
>> Verizon's EVDO
>> service through a PCMCIA card.  I suspect that they want
>> to begin
>> pushing their upcoming WiMax service named Xohm.
>> http://www.xohm.com/

This sounds like an excellent theory. MMDS services occupied
2.1 and 2.5-2.7 Ghz bands

There definitely looks to be some overlap in the spectrum

What I don't particularly care for is that Sprint BBD blames
cancelling of their service on the FCC
>From Matthew's link:

>As the result of a recent FCC action, Sprint will no longer
>have access to the spectrum used to operate our Sprint
>Broadband Direct Service in your area. Due to this FCC
>mandate, Sprint will discontinue your service by...(in my
>case, 7/31/2008)

To me, that statement sounds bogus. This may prove true
especially if we come to find out that Sprint initiated the
process upon which the FCC action resulted.


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