[Tfug] How to detect graphical logins?

Jeff Breadner jeff at breadner.net
Wed Jun 4 15:16:21 MST 2008

Hi everyone

  Does anyone know of a program/script fragment that one can use to 
detect how many users (and which users) are logged in to graphical 
sessions on a Linux box (RHEL3 ideally)?  Tools like "who -a", "w" and 
"users" all show console / shell sessions, for detecting VNC sessions 
I've had to resort to "ps auxw | grep xconsole | grep -v grep | awk 
'{print $1}'", which I'm not too happy with.

  I don't mind having to install a new utility if there's a good one out 
there that will report what I'm after.  Does anyone know of such a 
thing?  Bonus points if it also works with Solaris 7.


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