[Tfug] T-Shirts are now open sourced!

Chris Hill ubergeek at ubergeek.tv
Tue Jun 17 01:05:25 CDT 2008


And the contents of the readme:


The contents of this zip contains some logo/t-shirt ideas. At the time 
of this writing these designs have not been tested by users, so they 
should be considered alpha or buggy. :)

But feel free to tool around with the pics anyway, and throw a sombrero 
on that guy at the end, or make him a teetotaler. The only thing you 
cannot do is use bevels, strong gradients, and drop shadows! And if you 
think I'm joking, then you don't know me.

These designs are under a Creative Commons license:

My design process was pretty quick. I did not take the time to create 
compound paths, instead I just exported a png and then used Layer to 
Alpha to create a color version (which i could then fill).

So it goes:
Inkscape -> Export Bitmap...->Gimp->Layer to Alpha->Colorize and 
whatever->Final PNG

Chris Hill

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