[Tfug] Best laser printer for linux

Ranjan Grover ranjan.grover at gmail.com
Mon May 28 19:51:24 MST 2007

> I am looking for some suggestions on which laser printer works the best with Linux? I have been using a Brother 2070N but it has finally died. It worked pretty good. It has served me well for 2+ years but I couldn't get it running under anything that wasn't Debian or rpm based. Simple black&white ethernet hook up easy to configure is what I want....

I have a Brother 5250 DN that I bought from Amazon for $150 at the
time (they were having a sale). It duplexes and works fine with CUPS
over the ethernet. Its available now at newegg.com for 199.99 with
free shipping. It use it with HP drivers. I have used Brother printers
in the past with HP drivers as well, and so far haven't had any


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