[Tfug] Politics, Religion, trolls and Linux

George Cohn gwcohn at simplybits.net
Mon May 28 19:44:27 MST 2007

Steve wrote:
> The nice thing about the list is you can DELETE the posts without reading them.  Kinda like txt TIVO.  :)

I've been the admin of a car related mailing list for over 11 years that 
gets 75-100 messages a day.  While the charter of the list is supposed 
to be all technical, I allow a little latitude in the so called "signal 
to noise ratio".

Folks post about 70% technical and 30% personal on my list.  It has been 
commended numerous times as a real community where you learn a little 
bit about the people behind the names.  We've celebrated births, 
marriages, and sadly, a few deaths on my list.

It's what is called a "community" and folks feel like they are among 
friends and use first names when addressing others.

I've received some decent help here when I've asked programming 
questions, but I see a tendency for folks to really be not very tolerant 
of others at times.  Not sure if it's the "geek factor" of being a *ix 
person or just the snobbishness of some folks.

With some lists, you log on every day for dessert, and others just 
because you need the info.  Hopefully this list is not becoming the latter.

George Cohn

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