[Tfug] Politics, Religion, trolls and Linux

Ronald Sutherland rsutherland at epccs.com
Sun May 27 23:15:30 MST 2007

We are people with points of view, and thats a simple fact. I do not try 
to offend but sometimes do for that I would like to apologize.

I have not watched TV in a few years, except the random trip to see my 
brother, or parents. I am sensing a lot of hate both in list, at work 
and almost every place. I'm guessing its emanating from the TV 
programing everyone is getting feed, I suggest turning it off and 
putting the TV in the landfill. Nothing you see on TV will help you deal 
with the world, just turn it off, and spend a few years doing things to 
reset all the programing. The bad news is if we all stop watching TV 
there will be 6.5 billion channels to tune into, rather than the few we 
now have. On the other hand it may be the heat, so again I'm sorry for 
yet another off topic post.

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