[Tfug] Want to See Your Car?

Joe Blais joe.blais at pti-instruments.com
Fri May 25 10:21:03 MST 2007

And you can forget SSN too.

Soon we'll be issued a cell phone number when we'te born and have it tatooed
to us in UV ink and in the RF ID tag in our ear, then the GPS, cameras, mic,
recorder, etc., in all the phones we ever use throughout our lives will
track us  even in our final pine box. The good thing is, we won't need a
head stone. Our relatives just need an iPod and it will point them to where
we're burried and then show them fond rememberances and embarrising pictures
of our youth.....

Which may be what some people wish they had already, depending what country
they're sent to... :-(

> >
> > to see your car.  It appears to be run by ADOT.  The cameras are
> > everywhere.

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