[Tfug] Bulk OpenOffice Conversion

Robert Hunter hunter at tfug.org
Thu May 24 08:28:45 MST 2007

> I need to convert a large number of ASCII data files (column format,
> space
> delimited) to OO Calc format, and from there to Excel format (customer is
> tied to MS products).  Far too many to use the GUI approach.  After some
> fruitless googling, I thought I'd ask if anyone has used, or know of,
> shell
> or python tools that can do this conversion from the command line.

Hi, Jim.  I am not familiar with anything in this regard, but I did find
something at the OO website about scripting.


Also, if MS Office is your target format, I think you could write an
importer in Visual Basic -- if you can tolerate the sleazy feeling. 
Maybe if you write it in vim or emacs...?


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