[Tfug] An idea someone should develop and patent

Joe Blais joe.blais at pti-instruments.com
Mon May 21 08:54:13 MST 2007

> "The Record Companies" don't see the revenues from
> jukeboxes (unless they own them).  The "take" from a
> jukebox is typically disbursed as:
> - "repairs" come off the top
> - the balance (net) is split between the "operator"
>   (the guy who *owns* the jukebox) and the "location"
>   (the guy who owns the establishment in which it is
>   located)
> The location pays for the utilities.  And the operator
> pays for servicing the unit.
> "The Record Companies" take their cut when the titles
> (songs) are purchased by the operator.
> > You may also get a much wider appreciation of music
> > if people bring in their
> > selections to share, or play your own creations.
> Unless *Earl* brings *his* "collection" in...  ;>
> --don

Well - it was probably an old idea that was rejectes years ago...

OK -- how about this.....

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