[Tfug] Iceweasel and Flash

Chris Hill ubergeek at ubergeek.tv
Sun May 20 12:44:21 MST 2007

Sorry, I usually reply to tfug flash threads, being the resident flash geek:

There is a beta Solaris/x86/sparc flash plugin:

AFAIK the non-adobe attempts at developing a flash plugin are no where 
near polished, and have featuresets that will not work on almost all sites.


Michael Schultheiss wrote:
> Earl wrote:
>> OOPS. Forgot to mention I'm running on a Sun Ultra.  That adds
>> complications.  It always has.
> I take it you're running an older (SPARC) Sun Ultra.  Newer Sun Ultras
> are AMD64.  As far as I know, flash is only available on x86 for Linux,
> although I haven't tried the non-Adobe flash plugins.
>> I guess this "i386 thing" is catching on, HUH? ;(
> According to the Debian Popularity Contest [1], i386 has a slight lead
> with only 84.93% of the participants using that architecture.  AMD64
> comes in at 11.33%.
> [1] http://popcon.debian.org
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