[Tfug] An idea someone should develop and patent

Ronald Sutherland rsutherland at epccs.com
Fri May 18 18:29:20 MST 2007

Joe Blais wrote:
> Here's an Idea for someone to make a software product ---
> Some time ago there was a bit of talk on TFUG about having your iPod or
> whatever -- I don't even have a cell phone so don't ask me what -- anyway,
> as you move into a wireless area, you are "recognized" and communicate with
> others---
> Forget the communicate with others, communicate with the juke box.  Your
> device accesses the juke box and you pick songs, and pay to play them
> through your device, through PayPal, whatever.  Current juke boxes being not
> much more than MP3 players with a processor, this is easy.  Now, they don't
> have what you want to listen to.  But your device does have a copy.  You may
> have something bootleged - but you want to share the music.  So you play the
> music you have brought with you! You still pay for the play, so the record
> companies still get a cut of money even though the music file was bootleged.
> You may also get a much wider appreciation of music if people bring in their
> selections to share, or play your own creations.
> Joe
I also don't have a cell phone or a PDA but like the idea you have... 
Lets say the iPDA is put in a WiFi area and does the DHCP thing. It gets 
a valid address and gateway. The gateway is also running a web server 
with a list of services (Music, Vending, Food, ...) in the area. An 
application (it needs a name WiBick, for wireless brick and mortar 
services) checks for the gateway address and opens a web page at that 
address, then you can click Music and select a song and pay with PayPal 
or what ever. If WiBrick does not get a response it does not open the 
browser. I think WiBrick can be done in Python in about 5 lines. I  may 
be willing to write and test the web pages that take payment for the 
beer vending machine... lots of testing is needed. If you click Food 
service and select a hamburger, then the robot brings one out of the 
kitchen to your GPS location at the D&D game table. This may need done 
in https so the shop next door can't tell what the local business is 
doing to make a profit.

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