[Tfug] Microsoft reportedly wants open source software users to pa y rolyalties

Paul Scott waterhorse at ultrasw.com
Fri May 18 08:25:54 MST 2007

George Cohn wrote:
> Paul Scott wrote:
>> My understanding is that Jobs toured PARC and even though there was
>> networking and windows the mouse was what stuck in his head.
> Here's a part of a transcription of an interview on PBS called "Triumph 
> of the Nerds" where they interviewed many of the pioneers of the 
> computer age from PARC, Apple, and MS:
> Steve Jobs
> And they showed me really three things. But I was so blinded by the 
> first one I didn't even really see the other two. One of the things they 
> showed me was object orienting programming they showed me that but I 
> didn't even see that. The other one they showed me was a networked 
> computer system...they had over a hundred Alto computers all networked 
> using email etc., etc., I didn't even see that. I was so blinded by the 
> first thing they showed me which was the graphical user interface. 
Thanks!  I misremembered slightly.  Louis Taber and I show those videos
to our Intro to Computers classes at PCC.  They are quite good.


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