[Tfug] Aspberger's Syndrome test

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>> Back to the quiz, how many of us with low scores have 
>> *coping*
>> mechanisms for being more social, more outgoing, etc.?
> I'm glad someone mentioned this.  I don't know much more 
> about AS than
> what one can read in Wikipedia, but it seems as if lately 
> it is becoming
> some sort of rallying point for Geek Power.  I am dubious 
> about the
> benefits of considering AS to be a badge of honor.  In a 
> few cases,
> really talented individuals can achieve success regardless 
> of their
> social or communication difficulties.  But for the most 
> part, people need
> to develop reasonable proficiency in these skills to lead 
> successful
> lives.

Congratulations for considering the notion that being 
compared with Rainman is somehow good.

I thought it was a joke. 

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