[Tfug] Attacking a computer question

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 15:03:59 MST 2007

Hi, Earl,

> I run Debian Etch on a Sparc U30.  My network is a
> DSL with wireless modem/router. 
> I see where they could mess up my wireless
> configuration.
> How would someone attack this computer?  

(Image of SCA members with trash-cans on their
heads wielding improvised battleaxes....)
> From what I understand most of the attack tools are
> designed for windows.  

Well, yes and no.  Most (successful) *attacks* are
against Wintel boxes -- but, simply because that's
a bigger honeypot.

Most script kiddies just add whatever tools they
come across to their little war chests and apply them
blindly.  "It doesn't cost anything" to try (to hack
a system/client/etc.).

Note that web pages can be designed to "attack"
clients based on the credentials presented by their
visiting browser(s).  I.e., "if netscape/solaris,
serve this page; if firefox/OSX, serve *that* page;

Services exported by your machine can also identify
themselves thereby making "conditional targeting"
possible (e.g., if your BIND announces itself as
a version known to have a particular vulnerability,
then the client can exploit that "knowing" you will
be vulnerable to his particular BIND attack, etc.)

> Would this person need to be know Linux?  I can

No.  Most script kiddies just "know" that applying
technique/tool XYZ will cause problem ABC on a
machine of type DEF.  And, they just hammer away at
you with everything that they have available hoping
something "works".

> understand how they can
> get into my Samba shares and read my Linux manuals,
> but what else can they do?

Start with some of the tools designed to detect such
vulnerabilities.  Install nessusd and see what *it*
can do to your machine (since *anyone* can use it
remotely in that capacity).

But, remember, they have to get *at* your machine.
Without a clear image of how you are set up,
that seems to imply they would have to exploit
a vulnerability in your DSL box (not unheard of!)
*or* access through your wireless connection to the
"soft underbelly" of your machine and any internal
network you have (e.g., I have my wireless box
run all traffic *through* my firewall so only
the bastion host is visible to the outside)


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