[Tfug] Fw: AS/400 - I5 series companies

erich erich1 at copper.net
Mon May 7 07:08:37 MST 2007

    Glancing at the wikipedia article on the subject AS/400. That term
is kind of
old and outdated. Maybe using "system i/system i5"  would get more response.
    This got me curious because the "AS" as in AS/200 means
"AlphaSation", which
is what I have. In the IBM context it means "Application System"


joealwine at juno.com wrote:

>New person moving to Tucson. Hope someone can help him out. 
>---------- Forwarded Message ----------
>Hi Joe,
>I am a AS/400 - I5 series programmer.I will be moving
>to Tucson, AZ in a few days. I would like to know
>which companies that currently have those machines
>installed. I recieved your name and e-mail address
>from common. Thank you for your cooperation.
>Monte Marks
>monte_07302 at yahoo.com
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