[Tfug] New Year's Eve Cocktail Party

Claude Rubinson rubinson at u.arizona.edu
Fri Dec 28 14:43:16 MST 2007

Hi all,

So, this is kind of last minute but I've decided to throw a cocktail
party for New Year's Eve.  Everyone's invited, of course.  Bring
friends, foes, lovers, spouses, or all of the above.

I'll act as bartender but I have enough tools should others wish show
off their skills.  Do bring your favorite spirit and/or mixer to
share.  And don't forget that beer makes a good cocktail base as well.
I hear that most mixers can be drunk straight without being mixed with
alcohol, so there will be options for the non-drinkers.

I'm at 1216 E. Lee St which is on the south side of Lee, just west of
Mountain.  If you need directions, call 520-370-8886.  Festivities
will probably begin around 7 but feel free to show up whenever (but,
preferably, before midnight).

Hope that the end of the year is treating you well and that I see you
Monday night.


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