[Tfug] Happy hour this week: NEW LOCATION!

Eric M. Gearhart eric at nixwizard.net
Tue Dec 18 12:27:59 MST 2007

Happy Hour is this Thursday, right? I might finally actually show up at this one 


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Hi all, 

So, Buddy's raised their prices. And given that their prices weren't 
all that great to begin with, we're starting the search for a new 
meeting spot yet once again. 

This week, we're going to try Charlie's Tavern & Grill 
(http://www.charliestavernandgrill.com/). They're located at the 
intersection of Dodge and Kleindale, 3412 N. Dodge Blvd. See 

I spoke with a waitress tonight who seemed really nice and 
accommodating. They'll split checks, are cool with our turnover, etc. 
They've got a full bar and both Fat Tire and Guinness on draught 
(which I know will be a relief to some on the list). Unfortunately, I 
forgot to ask if they have unlimited refills on soda. They serve 
regular pub food plus pizza. And it's reasonably priced. But, the 
kitchen closes at 9:30, so if you want to eat, it'll have to be before 
then. (In general, people usually eat earlier, so I'm hoping that it 
won't be a problem.) 

This is just a trial. If we like it, we can come back in January or 
we can always try some place else. 

It's a relatively small place, so you shouldn't have any trouble 
finding us. But, you can always just ask for the TFUG table. Looking 
forward to seeing everybody for our last Happy Hour of 2007! 


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