[Tfug] Cheap Memory

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 18:10:41 MST 2007

It happened today.

I was reading some message board, where someone actually said "It only 
has 1GB of RAM."

Thats a sad, sad statement when you think about it. Just how horribly 
bloated an simple desktop-centric operating system has to be to not 
manage or utilize such a resource correctly.

Not to get Paul started on the elegance of OS/2, but, I can recall not 
too long ago seeing my mid 1990's Amiga absolutely fly on 4MB RAM.  
Thats 1/512th the memory.. With no such thing as virtural memory, it 
forced application writers to create healthy, relatively fat-free code. 
Now, the only qualifying factor is "does it run?"



Bexley Hall wrote:
> Greetings!
> --- George Cohn <gwcohn at simplybits.net> wrote:
>> I needed to speed up my Windoze XP box because I am
>> learning Adobe Flash 
>> and it runs kind of slow with only 1gb.
> <grin>  Doesn't *everything* run slow on Windows?  :>
>> I checked around and Circuit 
>> City had Kingston 512 DDR PC3200 memory at $29.99.
>> I grabbed the last one they had on the shelf at the
>> Broadway store but they may have more in stock.
>> Just passing this along if anybody needs more memory
>> for an older machine.
> Hmmm... I think I have several 512MB DDR sticks at
> home.  How do I determine speed?  (I assume it is
> marketing-hyped bogus number loosely related to
> access time -- 1/rate -- and data width)
> Sure would be nice if they would print these things
> in plain English on the devices (or, at least with
> something larger than 2 pt. type!!)
> --don
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