[Tfug] Looking to buy a large CRT (not LCD) monitor

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Thu Dec 13 20:19:07 MST 2007

On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:23:19 -0700, Jeffry Johnston <tfug at kidsquid.com>  

> Hi,
> My ancient 1995 HP (Sony tube) 21" CRT is dying.  It clicks a bunch of  
> times
> before the tube comes on.. I hear this is supposed to be a dying flyback
> transformer.  I'd probably try to repair it, but I don't want to  
> accidently
> shock and kill myself :P
> I thought I'd found one on craigslist.org.. they were selling a 24"
> widescreen Sony CRT, but the black level was really messed up, resulting  
> in
> a lack of contrast even at the best settings.  I guess people that don't  
> use
> the command line much like we do don't notice when their monitor is  
> broken!
> Was sad because as I understand it, this was the largest CRT Sony ever  
> made.

I stopped today for 10 minutes in Worldcare to check for external modem.
They have huge selection of really big CRT monitors for $20 a piece.

The University of Arizona has auctions every second Tuesday (nest Tuesday  
is the one to go)
They always have monitors but as they are usually selling them in bulks of  
5 I would have to
assume that they might not be in working condition.
I bought quite a few PIII from them and hard-disk is missing 99.9% of the  
time and even
RAM is often missing.

Goodwill store does not sell computer parts any more but has public  
auctions on 22nd and sount Cherry
every Monday and Tuesday at 8:00am. I have never been to those sales but  
having bought some parts
 from Goodwill before. I would have to assume that you could get a killer  
deal on some older stuff.


P. S. I was always buying new stuff from Newegg and you probably saw my  
previous questions on this list as I am really hesitant
to buy things from Geeks.

> Anyone have a good quality 21" or larger Sony tubed monitor (doesn't  
> have to
> be Sony brand, just the tube is fine) for sale?
> Alternately, I would consider an LCD if it was 21" or larger with a  
> native
> resolution of 1024x768 (or 2048x1536).  As I understand it, LCD's only  
> look
> good at their native resolution, and I find 1600x1200, etc, to be
> unacceptable.  It makes displayed fonts too small to my eyes, and some  
> that
> I use heavily aren't scalable.  Plus, what would the contrast ratio of an
> LCD have to be to match a CRT?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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