[Tfug] Problem doing an Ubuntu install on VMware

Ray raydime at cox.net
Sun Dec 2 19:15:05 MST 2007

I'm pretty new at this so please bear with me. 

I just installed VMWARE server for windows.  I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 
Desktop for x86 to install as a virtual machine on my Windows XP media 
center (Pro) machine.  I did get a good MD5SUM so I think the download 
was okay.  The install fails with the following error:

Operation on file "E:\ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso" failed (Data error 
(cyclic redundancy check)).
Choose Retry to attempt the operation again. Choose Abort to terminate 
this session.
Choose Continue to forward the error to the guest operating system.

Any ideas?  Thanks.


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