[Tfug] PERM Project

Angus Scott-Fleming angussf at geoapps.com
Sat Apr 29 10:56:58 MST 2006

PERM Project
    "PERM is the Practical End-host collaborative Residential Multihoming 
    framework. 802.11 networks have spread rapidly in the residential area, 
    and it is common for neighbors to receive signals from each other's home 
    wireless networks. PERM allows residents to leverage such an opportunity 
    to improve their last-mile Internet connectivity, at no additional cost, 
    by pooling their Internet accesses together. PERM is practical in that it 
    does not rely on support from the network infrastructure in terms of 
    advanced naming scheme or proxy, the remote host in terms of new transport 
    protocols, or the end-user in terms of explicit application feedback or 
    configuration. Instead, PERM employs automated on-line analysis of the 
    user's networking behaviors, and exploits the identified patterns to 
    achieve high-performance scheduling at the flow level. PERM is also highly 
    usable for normal residential users. It preserves a user's privacy and 
    security, and mitigates the free-riding problem. We have implemented PERM 
    for Linux clients and the open-source Linksys wireless router."

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