[Tfug] Laptop choices

Angus Scott-Fleming angussf at geoapps.com
Thu Apr 27 06:41:21 MST 2006

On 26 Apr 2006 at 15:21, Claude Rubinson  wrote:

> It appears that my USB2 controller may be broken.  But since I don't
> have Windows on this machine, it's a bit difficult to convince IBM of
> that.  What I'll need to do is convince PC-SOS (before my warranty
> expires) and have them replace it.

If you want, I have a few spare 800mb laptop drives, you could drop an 
installation of Windows on one and convince them of the problem that way.  I 
could help you out if this is a real problem.

Have you tried booting with a BartPE "live CD" to test the USB ports?

> I would certainly go with an IBM again.  

You realize you can't buy IBM laptops any more, right?  They're now Lenovo, and 
we can only hope that Lenovo continues the IBM tradition of endless online 

FWIW I installed Ubuntu on a partition on my IBM Thinkpad T42p without any 
issues, and the laptop boots into either WinXP or Ubuntu fine.  If I could just 
get TrueCrypt to recognize my data partition I'd be able to work in Ubuntu most 
of the time and only switch to Windows to support clients.  But I haven't 
figured out TrueCrypt-on-Linux yet.  After all the fiascos with stolen laptops 
with client data on them I no longer trust laptops without strong encryption of 
at least the data partitions.


Angus Scott-Fleming
GeoApps, Tucson, Arizona

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