[Tfug] Free Stuff

Caleb Mucklow cmucklow at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 19:43:06 MST 2006

I have some computer stuff that I just don't have the time/space for.  I'm
going to give it a chance to find a happy home before it finds the

1 SGI (Silicone Graphics) Octane computer.  This computer runs however I
don't have the root password for it
1 SunSparc Disk Array.  No hard drives included
1 Sun Ultra 10.  Does not come with a hard drive or ram.  (I had this on my
porch for a few days and someone stole the ram but left the computer there)
1 Sony 15" Trinitron Multiscan 15sfII ..I got this lil guy for a playstation
2 linux project that never formulated.  Good picture
2 Digital Satellite Dishes.  Still in box.  They're in good condition.
never used as far as I know.

E-mail me if you're interested.  Whoever can pick it up quick enough gets
it.  No money asked, however a six pack of your favorite brew would be a
very nice gesture :) .

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