[Tfug] Fvwm2 rc mouse configuration

Adrian choprboy at dakotacom.net
Mon Apr 24 14:21:42 MST 2006

Anybody have a good handle on Fvwm2 configuration? I am trying to disable 
secondary mouse buttons in a users local .fvwm2 configuration but I can't get 
it to work... I also want to disable some key combinations as well, but 
haven;t tried that yet as I can;t get this to work.

I have a custom .fvwm2 for a kiosk that starts a bare window manager (no title 
bars/menus/etc.) for displaying information windows. The user shouldn;t be 
able to access functions, only use the active area of the displayed window 
(if available). I am trying to disable button 2 (and others) so users can't 
access secondary app menus, but it isn;t working.

Shouldn;t this disable all mouse actions in all contexts? :

Mouse 2         A       A      Nop

I can;t get it to work... no errors, just doesn;t block the second mouse 
button. Likewise, for instance to disable F1 in a application, shouldn;t this 
work as well? :

Key F1         W        A      Nop
Key F1         A        A      Nop

Can;t get this to work right...


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