[Tfug] DSL modem of choice?

Earl J Violet earljviolet at juno.com
Wed Apr 5 15:53:48 MST 2006

I have a Qwest DSL Actiontec modem and it works well. It has 1 ethernet
port and 1 USB port and wireless. The best I can do for bandwidth is
256k. The service is good and the techs have been helpful although
sometimes I went through a couple of techs before finding help. For some
reason it drops off line every once in a while and needs to be reset with
the account information reentered and the wireless reactivated.

I guess it requires a Windows machine to reset it. The Linux problems I
have are some distros want it to be ipv6 (*buntu); others give a choice
during setup (Mandrake). All installs of recent Linux distros recognize
the system easily.


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