[Tfug] A Simple CMS

John Morrow morrowje at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:14:03 MST 2006

On 4/4/06, William Stott <WStott at ventanamed.com> wrote:
> I know of nothing that would use flatfile to store data that fits that
> category. What I do know of is Plone CMS (plone.corg) which has so many
> goodies that you may be overwhelmed by the bells and whistles if you let
> it. I haven't heard of anyone who WANTED a flatfile system since I
> worked with a custom app that was run on OpenVMS. I am curious, why
> flatfile only?

Ah yes, well, you see - I'm doing a tiny little web site for my son's
cubscout pack. It is hosted on a little service that provides very free
webhosting but very limited resources to non-profits in the area. While I
get linux, apache, ssh, sftp/scp, php and all the bandwidth I need I get no
DBs (or perl or https for that matter). I have setup a simple site that I
manage with a bunch o' perl and php on my system and dump the static pages
on the free webhosting system. I want to set it up to be managed on the
webhost directly. I also want it to be idiot-proof (if that's possible) so
that I can turn it over to the pack and walk away from it when my son has
moved on.


Thanks all for the tips.

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